This is an India photo from Tulsiwadi in Mumbai, India.
Travel photo from Tulsiwadi in Mumbai, India.

Looking at the images from Tulsiwadi in India by Kristian Bertel we cannot help but intimate, that no matter where we may live or what we might spend our days doing, we are all part of the world at this particular moment in time.

A focus on Tulsiwadi in photos
The aim in this blog post is to focus on the Tulsiwadi area of Mumbai, to see the people, the neighborhood and to get photographs, to make a kind of photographic overview of Tulsiwadi area.
 "- Before I had even seen any of the images, I could sense why a photographer would gravitate toward this topic. Part of the power of travel portraits and is how they engenders meaningful encounters, how it brings us closer to one another when we look at the images", the photographer says.

Tulsiwadi is located the famous Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai, India.
Tulsiwadi is located the famous Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai, India.

Narrative that binds images together
Located near Haji Ali and the famous Haji Ali Dargah, Tulsiwadi is a central place for car traffic on the Tardeo Road leading cars, trucks and busses from Haji Ali to places in south Mumbai. Those moments, and the way they talk about humanity, about how we live today, are the narrative that binds these images together. Kristian Bertel has long worked in photograph arenas, with an eye for portriait and the stories that goes with them, like the man above. "- I just happened to see him in an alleyway and I took his photo", Kristian explains.

Some of the photos by the photographer also highlight poverty in India.
Some of the photos by the photographer also highlight poverty in India.

Confronting poverty in India
Poverty in India is a historical reality. From late 19th century through early 20th century, under British colonial rule, poverty in India intensified, peaking in 1920s. Since India's rapid economic growth since 1991, has led to sharp reductions in extreme poverty in India. But it is still visible many places in India. There are several definitions of poverty, and scholars disagree as to which definition is appropriate for India. Inside India, both income-based poverty definition and consumption-based poverty statistics are in use. Each state in India has its own poverty threshold to determine how many people are below its poverty line and to reflect regional economic conditions. These differences in definition yield a complex and conflicting picture about poverty in India, both internally and when compared to other developing countries of the world. "- I was very moved by the scenery of a small beggar girl crunching down on a sheet of paper in the picture above", the photographer says.

Photography online
Danish photographer Kristian Bertel (b.1980) is recognised as an image-maker and his photography is online a lot of places. This illuminating new series of photos from India will tell the stories of the people living in different communities around India, through Kristian's beautifully arresting, color photography. For further information, please:
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More photographs from India
If you are interested you see more the photos by the photographer. In the slideshow below, which also appears on the photographer's website you can see a range of images from India.
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